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Frequently Asked Quesitons

Do truly remote cybersecurity jobs exist?

Absolutely! Prove your friends that remote jobs are not only for SW developers. Remote cybersecurity jobs are not easy to find but MyCyberJob got you covered.

What if I have job?

Have you ever dreamed about the flexibility of working remotely? Save time and money not commuting, work from the beach or your bedroom. Best time to search for a job is when you have a job. You can passively explore opportunities that land in your inbox until a perfect one arrives.

Can't I find remote cybersecurity jobs myself?

Remote cybersecurity positions are posted over multiple job boards, companies' websites and social media. Stop wasting time trying to keep track of all those channels. MyCyberJob will do the heavy lifting for you. You will get all the best remote cybersecurity jobs directly in your inbox.

Are remote jobs available only to USA residents?

There are remote Cybersecurity jobs for residents of Americas, Europe, Asia and more. Did you know that some companies even allow remote workers to be located anywhere in the world? Each job sent to you by MyCyberJob will have clearly marked geographical / time zones requirements (if any).

How to get a junior or intern remote position?

Truth is there are fewer truly remote junior and intern cybersecurity positions. However, some companies hire for this kind of roles and MyCyberJob will help you find them.

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